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Automotive ApplicationsAutomotive Applications

To learn more about some of the automotive applications on which Dynamic Plastics has worked, click on any of the case studies listed below.


Eaton Fuel Supply System Parts
  • Fuel supply system parts for automotive OEM
  • Materials is HDPE
  • P-20 tooling to support production
  • Mold produced in under 4 weeks

Fork Lift Console Part

  • Console part for fork lift
  • Aluminum tooling in 5 to 6 weeks
  • Material is glass-filled nylon
  • Threaded brass inserts installed as secondary operation

GPS Tracking System

  • GPS tracking system for trucking industry
  • Aluminum tooling in 4 weeks
  • Material is PC/ABS
  • Threaded brass inserts installed as a secondary operation

IP Cluster

IP Cluster
  • IP Cluster for automotive OEM
  • Package of six aluminum molds (including mask, lens, light housing, trim rings, back cover, and pointers) in five weeks